Saturday, December 7

the first annual "let it bow" hair bow exchange!

As some of your might know, I've been trying to establish my own shop on Instagram where I sell my handmade hair bows. My good mama friend Leslie from Violet Imperfection also recently started up her own bow shop on IG, too. Things are going okay for both of us, but we definitely could use a little oomph!

SO...Leslie and I decided to create a hair bow exchange! The first annual "Let It Bow" swap.
And we want all of you bow-obsessed mamas and lovely ladies to join us!

The exchange will first and foremost be run via Instagram, so you'll need to have an account. But it's also open to all of our bloggy friends out there, which is why we've decided to post the signups and rules here.


1. Participants MUST have an Instagram account ~ and be a frequent poster.

2. The definition of "bows" can be anything that is worn in the hair. Headbands, clips, turbans, etc.

3. Handmade bows are preferred, but you DO NOT need to make the bows to join in! We will also accept store-bought bows or bows that have been bought from another Instagram shop/Etsy shop/bow-maker.

4. Each swap package should include $10-$15 worth of bows. If you make your own bows but do not sell, do what you think is fair! Of course, if you want to include more than $15, go right ahead!

5. The swap signups will be open for one week, starting today. You may use our signup form HERE or sign up via Instagram, on either Leslie's or my BOW EXCHANGE POST. Signups will close on Saturday, December 21, at 11:59 PM Eastern.

6. You must follow @perfectlyviolet & @nuggetsoflove on Instagram.

7. Swap partners will be matched up randomly by Leslie and me. Partners will not know who one another is until they receive their swap packages. We will send out the matchups to everyone by Monday, December 23.

8. Everyone should have their bows ready and mail them out by January 15. This should give enough time after the holidays for everyone to make/buy their bows.

9. Be creative, enjoy, and HAVE FUN!



If you have any questions, please contact either Leslie or me!
Instagram ~ Leslie: @perfectlyviolet // Kera: @nuggetsoflove
Email ~ Leslie: violetimperfection {at} gmail {dot} com // Kera: nuggetonabudget {at} gmail {dot} com


  1. Looks like so much fun and must admit I am so not crafty enough for this one, probably have to sit it out. But you guys really are awesome with the bow making and seriously impressed with your designs. Wishing you tons of success with this and can't wait to hear how this all turned out now. Hoping you are having a great weekend so far, too!! :) xoxo!!

  2. Thanks Janine! We are super excited about it :) If you would really want to join in, one of our rules is the bows do NOT need to be handmade! You can buy them from a store or another shop, etc. We wanted everyone to feel like they could join the swap, not just those who make their own bows :) If not though that's okay! You can help just to spread the word. We are off to a Santa Breakfast this morning with the girls so we will see how they both do with "meeting" Santa lol! Hope that you all are having a nice weekend so far as well. xoxo!

  3. Oh, how much fun. And I wish I had the time to create a great bow for someone. Hopefully, you'll do it again when I have more time in life.


  4. I love this idea! too bad I don't have a little girl. :(

  5. So cute! Shared it for you!

  6. But you DO have a little girl! I've seen Gabbie wear headbands :) Or what about clips?

  7. Oh Heidi I know what you mean about not having any time! I barely have enough time each day right now either, especially with the holidays and all. If this swap ends up going well and we have interest, we will do another again I'm sure!

  8. :) You could sign up! In the form, we ask the age of the person the bow is for and if they prefer and headband or clip. You could even write in that you'd prefer a regular headband instead of an elastic. But of course you don't HAVE to participate!

  9. it actually sounds fun. I will think about it!


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