Tuesday, December 3

it's okay #17. welcome to december.

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Nugget On A Budget

It's Okay...That we didn't have our tree up or the house decorated immediately after Thanksgiving. I wasn't about to do all that work during those few sacred days the hubs was home and I could {semi} relax.

It's Okay...That I over-scheduled my blog posts and other commitments for the month of December...and now I'm paying for it. #karma #whycantijustsayno

Just a few of the bibs Bitty Baby Boutique has for sale :)

It's Okay...That I only now discovered how great bandanna bibs are. They don't tend to flap up over baby's face...and they just happen to be super adorable. I've got a few handmade ones on the way for Baby E's stocking!

It's Okay...That I'm not doing the Elf on the Shelf this year yet with the Nuggie. I'm not sure I'll even start that tradition. I don't know that I'd remember to keep up with it every day. Does that put me on lame mom status?

And this isn't even all of them! 

It's Okay...That I'm not going to stress myself out by thinking I have to put every single ornament on the tree or every single Christmas decoration up.

It's Okay...To wonder how some mom bloggers I've come across seem to have everything under control and still write such a variety of posts...sponsored posts...giveaways. With kids! While still cooking amazing meals! And cleaning their houses! And smiling! I must be horrible at time management lol.

It's Okay...That I'd happily outsource the wrapping all of my Christmas gifts. I'll provide the paper and tape {and wine?} ~ you do the wrapping.

It's Okay...To be super annoyed at the Nug's cough. She has a nasty cold and I feel bad for her...but it's just so dang LOUD! At least she doesn't seem phased by it.

It's Okay...That I'm staying in almost every day this week. We had to forego Kindermusik today because of the Nug's cold {and I HATE missing!}, and the only other places I must go are to the post office and to a play date we have on Friday.

And because of the point above...It's Okay that my fave outfit is yoga pants or leggings and a big comfy sweater. #totallyamomlook #dontcare :)

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  1. Sofia looks like she has red hair in those pictures!
    If I had a Christmas tree, it would be covered in ornaments. I'd be the collecting type!

  2. Lol you're right ~ she does look like she has red hair! haha...blame it on the horrible overhead lighting in our basement. I collect ornaments too. I have so many because every year since I was born, my parents gave an ornament, and a lot of our family gave ornaments, too. I'm proud of my collection, but it just takes FOREVER to put them all up on the tree! So I'm only does the special ones this year, and the ones that Sofia can help with. :)

  3. I totally hate wrapping and I give it all to Kevin. If you paid him in PS3 games, I am sure he'd wrap for you, too lol!! But seriously, I am with Dara about Sophia's hair in those pics above. If I hadn't met her personally would have thought she had red hair!! :) xoxo!!

  4. Lol I guess I didn't even notice about the redish tint to her hair because I know that she doesn't have red hair! This just makes me hate the lighting in our basement even more. It's really horrible. And tell Kevin he can definitely come to our house and wrap ~ I'll pay in PS3 games, and I'm sure RJ will pay him in drinks! You can bring yourself and the girls along, too! xoxo :)

  5. He may even be cheap enough to just do it for the drinks, lol!! But don't tell him I told you that!! :)

  6. Lol hey...that's perfectly fine! RJ would do something for a few good beers, too :) Your secret is safe here!!

  7. I'm rebelling against the elf. I don't have time for that. December is crazy enough without adding another daily task. I will gladly be lame with you. This week has been miserable, v has been off since thanksgiving and I am mentally preparing myself for a horrible month.

    And to the bloggers who appear perfect....meh. They can't be, right? lol

  8. Ashley Ponder RichardsDecember 3, 2013 at 8:18 PM

    I love seeing other do Elf on the Shelf and I love hearing my students talk about their elves but we didn't do it this year. Jack is just 1 so he wouldn't understand. I explained it to my husband last night and he hadn't even heard of it. Now that is lame! He watched the movie tonight with Jack. By the time Jack is old enough to understand the fad will probably have faded and something else will have taken its place so we will see.

  9. I dont do the Elf either.
    You dont have to have it all together, because 99% of us dont either

  10. Lol OH I'm so glad that I'm not the only one! I almost felt like I was being "mom pressured" into buying that thing this year. I'm with you in not needing another thing that I have to keep track of and remember to do every day.

    No! No one is perfect. I just wish some of them would stop pretending to be all of the time!

    I hope V settles down for you some and gets back onto a schedule. I know, it's horrible when they are off. Don't give up on December just yet! :)

  11. I agree. My older daughter would kind of understand this year I think, she's 2, but it's more likely that she wouldn't care very much and definitely wouldn't care about trying to be good so the elf can report back to Santa. I feel like I could probably do the same thing with any one of her stuffed animals :)

  12. Good! I'm glad I'm not the only one not interested in doing it. And thanks for always being an encouragement, Terri :)

  13. I love wrapping presents! I just told Joe that last night that I can't wait to! I'd wrap yours! I can't believe how much Christmas stuff you have! I loveeee Christmas decorations. We just started getting stuff last year but its already growing!

  14. We started the elf last year and it was a pain to remember to move it. Quite a few times I got up in the middle of the night to make sure it was moved. Totally crazy, but I'm glad we do it. Yesterday at school all the kiddies were talking to each other about where their elf was hiding that day and they all just seemed so full of excitement and joy. Collin does love searching for our elf Jingle,but he doesn't always like that he is there to catch him being naughty.

    As for these moms that have it all together I don't get it!!! It's only the first week of December and it is already kicking my butt. I may have had multiple mini melt downs over the weekend that I can't do it all. It doesn't help that Luke is getting his third tooth and is miserable.

    Hope S feels better soon!

  15. I'm not doing the elf on a shelf thing, and our Christmas tree is miniature and pretend. I will set it up and decorate it... sometime soonish? Lol. I also wonder how those organized, near perfect moms do it all!

  16. You do?! Wanna come over and wrap ours? The girls and Ole could play and we could wrap. I have so many ornaments because growing up, my parents, aunts, and grandparents always gave us a new ornament each year. They add up! I'm hoping to get the tree decorated this weekend when my parents are here for E's baptism :) I can't wait to see a pic of your decorations too!

  17. Yeah, that's what I was thinking...waiting until next year to do it with Sofia. She'll be in preschool then and I wouldn't want her to feel left out if all the other kids' parents do it for them. I think she'd better understand the concept next year, too. So we'll see.

    Gah...I don't get it either. Some blogs I read about moms who have more than two kids, or just had a newborn baby, and they seem so put together and have tons of things going on with their blogs. Their babies are dressed to the nines in trendy clothes and they do huge giveaways. I don't know how it works!! Lol. I have a mini meltdown at least once a week on all the things I need to do and can't get done. So I'm glad we can vent to each other at least!

    S is feeling better today...not as much coughing or runny noses. I just hope the baby doesn't catch it since S is always around her. I hope Luke's tooth comes in soon too, for his sake and mostly for yours!

  18. Lol oh you make me feel so much better! My husband put up our {fake} tree the other night, but I have yet to haul out the ornaments. And I'll slowly put up some decorations this week, but not too many! Then it's just too much to have to take down lol.


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